Patrick Kleinfercher Showreel



Welcome to my personal portfolio about my work, my passion and my creativity. Over fifteen years I follow the evolution of computer graphic. From the beginning, when I played computer games, always the question "how to create these beautiful things" came first. Driven by curiosity, I started with photography composing. After I graduated at the Salzburg private academy of marketing, I went to a sports developing company as an industrial designer and grew up to the creative director position. Along this way I have learned 3D Animation and character design.

This is a project about remote-gardening over the internet. i create a standalone-server with many sensors and put them directly on the field were the vegatables grow. The server communicates with a website and give the customers a realtime view on their gardens.


for this groundbreaking project i create a explainer video in after effects.

and a commerical spot for online-marketing...

also i create a construction plan and the 3d-model of the server housing on the field, so the technical part and the sensors are protected against weather. I used a icosaeder form, so the wind have a minimum of contact surface.

the housing for the technical parts of the project

Also i create the design language for the project. For the logo i designed a simple drawn carrot for a maximum of recognition value. All the design parts a minimalistic and clean vectors to create the modern look and to handle this easy on industrial products.

The official logo-artworks for
this sketch combined the two parts of the project.