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Welcome to my personal portfolio about my work, my passion and my creativity. Over fifteen years I follow the evolution of computer graphic. From the beginning, when I played computer games, always the question "how to create these beautiful things" came first. Driven by curiosity, I started with photography composing. After I graduated at the Salzburg private academy of marketing, I went to a sports developing company as an industrial designer and grew up to the creative director position. Along this way I have learned 3D Animation and character design.

Near Field Brain

The Near Field Brain is a full programmable near field communicator based on a Raspberry Pi B+ and a Mifare RC522 RFID Scanner. With the integrated web-gui you can create new task fast and easy, see tag-stats and check the hardware and the operation system. To see successful tags there are a led-light and a 5V piezo-buzzer mounted on the completely 3D-printed case.

AUGUST 03, 2015Near Field Brain

I used a Raspberry Pi B+ with a minimal debian wheezy image and a Mifare RC522, also I connected a 5V piezo buzzer and a computer status LED to see and hear successful tags. On the Raspberry I installed a Apache 2 Server and the RFID and GPIO drivers...

THe NFB-One with the mounted raspberry pi and the Mifare RC522 RFID Scanner

The case and the board-bridge are completely printed with my Ultimaker 2 3D-Printer. On the bottom are ventilation slots and the screw-holes for the mifare bridge and the cover-holders. The foots are glued onto the bottom-part. On the cover you see the slot for the status LED...

Bottom Part of the NFB-One
Cover part of the NFB-One and the id-card in hand

For the administration the NFB-One have a Web interface. Here you can easy create new tags or modify the unix commands. Also you can check the tag statistics and the system, hardware or software status.

the web-gui for the NFB-One Administration