Patrick Kleinfercher Showreel



Welcome to my personal portfolio about my work, my passion and my creativity. Over fifteen years I follow the evolution of computer graphic. From the beginning, when I played computer games, always the question "how to create these beautiful things" came first. Driven by curiosity, I started with photography composing. After I graduated at the Salzburg private academy of marketing, I went to a sports developing company as an industrial designer and grew up to the creative director position. Along this way I have learned 3D Animation and character design.

Red Bull Flugtag 2012

On Red Bull Flugtag 2012 we started with the biggest radio-station of Austria. We applied with my construction-sketch to be the official radio-station team in Vienna. We got this and create a big fat egg to roll over the RedBull ramp. In this project I created the construction plan, the team-logo and shoot the advertising pictures.

SEPTEMBER 23, 2012Red Bull Flugtag 2012
the construction plan of our egg
the crew photo artwork
the red bull ramp with our construction