Patrick Kleinfercher Showreel



Welcome to my personal portfolio about my work, my passion and my creativity. Over fifteen years I follow the evolution of computer graphic. From the beginning, when I played computer games, always the question "how to create these beautiful things" came first. Driven by curiosity, I started with photography composing. After I graduated at the Salzburg private academy of marketing, I went to a sports developing company as an industrial designer and grew up to the creative director position. Along this way I have learned 3D Animation and character design.

The Paperhatz

These two paperhat-wearing-somethings are a Short-Movie-Project with tons of little films about these guys full of fooling. For this project I created the logo, the print and advertising stuff, the characters and the 3d animation.

JANUARY 01, 2015The Paperhatz

One of these days, long after which the humans lay foot onto the moon for the first time, a highly intelligent group of little, green moonlings gathered to clean up after the humans. They found a flag, some spiral springs of the earthian lunar rover, a couple of old news papers and some other stuff. The great council of the moonlings decided to characterize some of the friendly greenies in a very special way and thought them the sublime art of origami. And that’s how it happened that two greenies made their way down to earth, with origami paper hats on their heads...

sketch of the Paperhatz objects
The Character Concept of Paperhatz Jeff
The Character Concept of Paperhatz Andy
the official movie poster of the Paperhatz