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Hi, I'm Patrick, and I'm passionate about graphic design and programming. With more than 15 years of experience in the advertising industry, I've gained a wealth of knowledge and skills in creating effective designs that connect with audiences. In 2018, I founded my own startup, which has been an exciting and challenging journey. Throughout my career, I've also explored other areas of design, such as industrial design, and learned new techniques like 3D animation and character design. These skills have allowed me to bring a unique perspective to my projects and create engaging visual experiences. I'm always eager to take on new challenges and push myself creatively and technically

Moonshine Forest

Moonshine Forest is a boardgame about the Moonshiners in Virginia, USA. To win the game you have to buy a distillery, collect mash and run away from the sheriff. A fast gameplay and unforeseeable turns give this game a strong funfactor!

OCTOBER 01, 2015Moonshine Forest
the productshot of the moonshine forest boardgame
the gameboard-design of moonshine forest
the cove of the game-displaybox