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Hi, I'm Patrick, and I'm passionate about graphic design and programming. With more than 15 years of experience in the advertising industry, I've gained a wealth of knowledge and skills in creating effective designs that connect with audiences. In 2018, I founded my own startup, which has been an exciting and challenging journey. Throughout my career, I've also explored other areas of design, such as industrial design, and learned new techniques like 3D animation and character design. These skills have allowed me to bring a unique perspective to my projects and create engaging visual experiences. I'm always eager to take on new challenges and push myself creatively and technically

The Eggball

The eggball is an innovative and pedagogically valuable sports product, which, by its special egg shape on the one hand and the ideally balanced weight of 250 grams on the other hand, provides a new kind of game situations. The adapted rounding of the ball has been specifically designed in order to give its changed kind of flight and jumping a balanced level of difficulty.

AUGUST 16, 2011The Eggball

The tough outer material in combination with the double mesh layer enables the eggball to play football, volleyball, dodge ball and basketball. Additionally the ball is suitable for indoor and outdoor as well, on various surfaces. The precisely calculated form is designed to protect the joints and reduces the risk of injury to a minimum. The newly achieved game situations stimulate your own creativity in ball games and allow a high degree of freestyle gameplay.

the first eggball sketch

Social effects
Its shape and weight partially make it difficult to keep it at the foot or in hand. The strength between the players is compensated, as you are in the need of more and more passes which causes unexpected touches of the ball or goals. In accordance to all this the eggball and its restless kind of flight drive the team to more movement without the ball. The conditions of the ball allow games of all ages, both, as individual players, as well as in a team.

the gameplay of the eggball

Training effects
Due to its unique combination the eggball is characterized by a high degree of response and coordination training, as well as the promotion of the team spirit. Furthermore you are forced to lower body gravity and as a result of it your balance is supported enormously. The handling of regular game balls is also made easier by increasing the level of difficulty and unusual game situations.

the eggball is ISPO finalist certified