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Hi, I'm Patrick, and I'm passionate about graphic design and programming. With more than 15 years of experience in the advertising industry, I've gained a wealth of knowledge and skills in creating effective designs that connect with audiences. In 2018, I founded my own startup, which has been an exciting and challenging journey. Throughout my career, I've also explored other areas of design, such as industrial design, and learned new techniques like 3D animation and character design. These skills have allowed me to bring a unique perspective to my projects and create engaging visual experiences. I'm always eager to take on new challenges and push myself creatively and technically

Zwergenland Strategia

Zwergenland Strategia is a board game with a high degree of dynamism. Children in particular are by the actions on the game board and the map constantly entertained and kept happy. The gameplay can change several times and also current players can change the game at any time.

SEPTEMBER 17, 2014Zwergenland Strategia

Never was the gnome-kingdom as controversial. Living in harmony and peace was paramount in Gnomeland. But when suddenly a myth awoke that the one who dominates the Gnomeland, should take the place of the legendary Emperor Ruven, broke the peace. Now it is up to each even the beloved home of the Dwarves to protect from harm other power and the country dominate. Only with the help of the mysterious Strategia it is possible to have an impact on the little ones. Good luck, so that you know the truth!

the productshot of Zwegenland Strategia
the presketch of the board game